2018 Coordinators:  Richard and Dessa Smith

and Jeffrey S. Fuqua

Phone: 270-287-1192 or  (270) 256-6163 e-mail

Review or Download our Application for full details.

booth FEES and guidelines for 2018

Approximate size 10 X 10 If you need more space, you will need to rent additional booths.    

Booth Rental Fees

(1)  $50 (2) $100 (3) $150

On-site Cooking Booths or Food Trailers: $50 per (10 x 10 space) see above

Electricity Charges: No Charge this year

Donations for Electricity would be appreciated.

Vendor Responsibilites

Vendors are responsible for County Health Department Permits

Vendor Restrictions

Vendors SHALL NOT SELL Funnel Cakes or  of SOFT DRINKS of any kind. Water, tea, or lemonade are okay. Other items prohibited for sale: Include any item that will cause a hazard to persons or crafts or will be a problem to clean up.  Items     prohibited include the following: silly string, cherry bombs, stink bombs/spray, invisible ink, fireworks of any kind, toys that include fire or shoot projectiles, weapons of any kind.  Also prohibited are nudity, pornographic or sexually suggestive materials, and illegal drugs or paraphernalia.  Alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic beer shall NOT be sold or given as prizes.  The Fordsville Days Committee reserves the right to close your booth and prevent sales if these rules are not observed. Review Guidelines for full details and restrictions.

NON-Profits  -  No FEEs

Please indicate on your Application if you need Electricity and brings extension cords

Returned Check Charge

Returned Check Charge:  $35 plus any additional charges incurred by the Fordsville Historical Society and Museum Inc.

Application Deadline: August 30, 2018 - Download form below

Mail Application + Fees to:  Richard and Dessa Smith

Address: 20 Robert Drive, Fordsville, KY 42343

Note: We reserve the right to refuse a booth rental.


Photos below are from 2014

Top photo from Stephen and Rachelle Conder, Conderosa Primitives and Crafts

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